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Thokozani Nkosi

About the Founder – Thokozanl “Tox” Nkosi

Thokozani NkosiBorn on 01 July 1975. Thokozani grew up in Soweto as an ambitious young boy who had a passion for the arts from a young age.

At age 10. Thokozani was recording himself on audio tape. role playing dramatic scenarios (playing various characters) for his family and friends’ amusement. By age 17, Thokozani ‘
was already writing religious skits for the stage and he was leading a drama and singing 63 youth group at his Church.
These skits and songs became popular among his peers and community and church members that witnessed his work. With no formal training. Thokozani used pure raw talent to create these narratives and melodies.
It came as no surprise that at age 19. when time came for Thokozanl to go to University, he enrolled for a 4-year degree in dramatic arts at the University. During his first year of study, Thokozanl auditioned for an acting role in the Drama school’s big musical called “Raisin”. In the audition he had to put on a convincing American accent, sing a solo and display dancing skills for the production numbers. Thokozanl was cast as one of the leads. During the play’s run at the Wits Theatre. a reputable casting agent, Yvonne Asherson.
spotted Thokozanl and offered to represent him.
A week later Thokozani appointed Yvonne as his agent and within a month. he was cast in a Hollywood film starring Elizabeth Hurley and Ice Cube. He played the younger Ice Cube in the film. After the film wrapped. Thokozani went on to audition for other perfor
ance roles and in 2006, he landed a presenting job on SABC 2’s ‘Mini TV’ afler auditioning among 4000 other hopefuls.

In December of the same year, Thokozani landed a role as a lead actor and singer in a Christian nativity musical at the Civic Theatre in Johannesburg, while at the same time, attending classes at University and volunteering at production companies as a trainee
production assistant.
In 1997 he had a short stint at Channel O as a Presenter and then moved on to SABC 1’s youth investigative Journalism show “Inside Info’ where he was Presenter and trainee Director. in his Third year (1998), Thokozani majored in Television Directing and
In 1999, after his four years at Wits. in Thokozani began to work full time as a trainee producer and later as a Producer] Presenter of a religious TV show called ‘Crux”. He worked as producer] Presenter on ‘Crux” from 1999 until 2001.
In 2002 Thokozani started his own production company with his former employer Hanlie Kruger. Hanlie had previously given Thokozani his first opportunity as a volunteer production assistant while he was still at University; they clicked from the first
moment they met. They called their new company “Eclipse Television Productions”.

Eclipse started with Just Hanlie and Thokozani as the only employees. The company then grew steadily. In 2005. Hanlie retired and Thokozani became 100% shareholder of the business. The company now produces long running TV shows including ‘It’s Gospel
Time” (SABC 2). “The Chatroom” (SABC 1) and ‘Big up’ (SABC 1), all of which have been nominated for awards (Total of 4 nominations) at the 200819 South African Film and Television awards”.

Eclipse TV also produces the popular reality Gospel music talent search show “I want to sing Gospel” (SABC 2), which is among SABC 2’s top three most-watched TV shows.

As Thokozani was developing himself as a prolific TV producer, his skills expanded to marketing, advertising, PR and communications as a whole. This allowed him to build the TOXMEDIA group, a group of companies that co-operate to provide the above services for the corporate world and government at highly competitive rates.